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A Farewell to Kings

A Sword for Words!

Four different modes: anagrams, crosswords, dictionary, thesaurus

• find letter patterns and solve crosswords
• solve jumbled words
• find anagram words and phrases
• lookup definitions and synonyms

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The Strategic Solitaire!

A Farewell to Kings is:

• part strategy, part solitaire
• fun and challenging
• subtle and complex

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system requirements:

Mac OS X 10.4+

system requirements :
Classic Mac OS 8.6-9.2.1
Mac OS X 10.4+
Windows XP+ (with DirectX)

Mac OS X

Download .zip file
(12.3 MB, version 1.1)

Macintosh Classic

Mac OS X


Download .sit file
(1.5 MB)

version 2.0.4

Download .dmg file
(8.8 MB)

version 2.2

Download .zip file
(1.2 MB)

version 2.0.4

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